Meet Svenja

"My two big passions are books and flowers, and I was lucky enough to nurture both early on in my life. While it might seem that they don't have much in common, I feel that they are both transformative. Books allow your mind to travel and roam, and flowers with their inherent magic and beauty allow you to transform and almost paint a scene – either for one date, one dinner or for a lifetime."

Chestnut & Vine was founded in 2006 in Berkeley and has rapidly outgrown several locations, to finally find a new home in Richmond, Ca.

The stable part of Svenja's work is her love for botanical materials. Svenja loves to showcase flowers and find a setting that provides the framework to exhibit their beauty while creating a cohesive decor that allows the venue and occasion to shine.

"I am on a regular basis equally intrigued and completely bowled over by a beautiful blossom or a piece of moss."

Svenja's love for craftsmanship and her attention to detail have made her one of the Bay Area's established and sought after floral designers.

Today, Svenja is not only working with countless couples to translate their vision into the wedding of their dreams, but provides florals for several of the Bay Area's highly innovative and creative companies. Chestnut & Vine is also honored to provide the floral decor for Quince and Cotogna in San Francisco.